FRIDAY, July 29
7:30 – 10 pm.
10 pm – 12:30am
Building 204 Up North Building 204 Up North
Wycliffe Gordon, trombone Sara Gazarek, vocal
Adrian Cunningham, clarinet & sax Jay Thomas, trumpet
Dawn Clement, piano Dawn Clement, piano
Marion Hayden, bass Jon Hamar, bass
Allison Miller, drums Kelby MacNayr, drums
Building 204 Up South Building 204 Up South
Grace Kelly, alto sax; Joel Frahm, tenor sax; Terell Stafford, trumpet; Jay Thomas, trumpet Terell Stafford, trumpet; Joel Frahm, tenor sax; Wycliffe Gordon, trombone
Jeremy Siskind, piano Jeremy Siskind, piano
Chris Symer, bass John Clayton, bass
Matt Wilson, drums Matt Wilson, drums
Commons A/B Commons A/B
The Jeff Hamilton Trio Grace Kelly, alto sax; Adrian Cunningham, clarinet & sax
Tamir Hendelman, piano Bruce Forman, guitar
Jon Hamar, bass Randy Halberstadt, piano
Jeff Hamilton, drums Chris Symer, bass
Allison Miller, drums
Bldg 310
Sara Gazarek, vocal Bldg 310
John Hansen, piano George Cables, piano
Bruce Forman, guitar Chuck Deardorf, bass
John Clayton, bass Jeff Hamilton, drums



Thank you for purchasing a wrist band for Jazz in the Clubs / Blues in the Clubs.  We know you’ll enjoy the experience of listening to music in the atmosphere of a small venue.

We want to make sure you understand that your wrist band gives you access to multiple club venues, but it does not necessarily guarantee you a seat in, or access to, any particular venue.  A wrist band does not function as a ticket; rather it identifies its bearer as one who is eligible to enter a club venue, space permitting.  The majority of club venues are public restaurants in downtown Port Townsend.  As such they do not lend themselves to conventional “ticketing” as there is no way to number or reserve specific seats. Capacity in Centrum’s individual club venues is set by the proprietor of each space in accordance with its legal capacity.

Club venues operate on a first‐come, first‐served basis and we encourage wrist band holders to move from one venue to the next throughout each evening to gain the full benefit of the Jazz or Blues experience.

Centrum limits the sale of Club wrist bands within the limit of total capacity for its venues to ensure every wrist band bearer access to at least one venue, and often several at any given time of night.

Some venues reach capacity early, and Centrum volunteers are under strict guidelines to obey the limits with regard to capacity under the terms of our agreements with venue proprietors. Our volunteers are positioned to help monitor and direct traffic flow from one venue to the next and will be glad to suggest an alternate venue with other top-level performers if you find yourself at one that is full.

Some venues may elect to fulfill dinner reservations prior to the start time of the club session.  They have been directed to inform all diners that the venue converts to a Centrum club at the designated time. The general public is not able to make any advance reservations to a club venue that begin during Centrum club hours – it is first‐come, first‐served in all venues.

Again, thank you for purchasing a club wrist band and thank you for your understanding.  Enjoy the music!