Volunteer at Centrum

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Centrum Volunteer! This form will get your contact information into our database.
Just “copy and paste” the information below to an email and send it to: volunteer@centrum.org

Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
Cell Phone:

Centrum has a large and active volunteer program, and email is the way we keep you in touch with all the most current volunteer news and opportunities. We are careful with your email address – it will not appear in group mailings, or be shared with any other organization.
If you don’t have email, you will be contacted via the postal service or by phone.

To get in touch with us by phone, please call Claire at (360) 385-3102 x112.

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities at Centrum’s many public events. The Centrum volunteer team is made up of wonderful people who provide great customer service, and make each event safe and fun for everyone. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you… but remember, during these performances we are “working”, and don’t always get to see or hear the show. So pick your events and assignments with that in mind.

**ACCESS Specialist (assisting our special needs patrons)
Prepare ACCESS seating area & signage; provide seating & safety assistance as needed until event ends.

ALD Specialist (Assistive Listening Device)
Prepare ALDS and provide to patrons; remain until event ends to collect and store them.

**ACCESS/Artist’s Gate
Limit use of this gate to drop-offs and exceptional need; keep fire lane clear.

Box Office
Customer service, selling tickets and handling will-call.

Flow Director
Direct patrons to doors closest to their seats; then assist Lead Usher.

**Information Table
Assist with checking in volunteers at events, volunteer supplies, provide information to patrons, clean-up area after intermission.

Assist/direct patrons parking cars per instructions of Parking Team Lead.

Hand out printed program materials and information to patrons as needed.

**Retail sales
Set-up, sell, pack-up Centrum merchandise at performances.

**Rhody/Chapel Gates
Control patron and atist entry/exit.

Ticket Taker
Collect tickets and provide information at Centrum events.

Patron seating/safety/assistance. Enforce venue rules and safety procedures.

Donor Reception
Prepare and serve snacks and beverages during the intermission in an “invitation only” setting. Decoration and clean-up may also be required.

**These are long shifts – please consider this when volunteering.

Team Leaders may be asked to attend informational meetings.
ACCESS Specialist training and volunteer orientation may be held during the shoulder season for new volunteers.

If you like to do office work, gardening, or perhaps even exercise your handy-person skills, we’ve probably got a chore with your name on it!

ASL signer
Data Entry
Database Consultant
Decorating for Events
Drivers for airport shuttles and around town
First Aid Provider
Fix It Projects
Flower Arrangements
General Office Work
Host Artists’ Open Studios
Light Construction Projects
Prepare Packets for Workshop Participants
Phone Answering
Poster and Flyer Distribution
Reception Desk
Register Workshop Participants on check-in days
Technical Support
Ticket sales from the Centrum Office
Workshop Assistant
Update First Aid Supplies throughout the summer season