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Jason and Pharis Romero

Pharis Romero & the Long Gone Out West Blues

Pharis Romero – along with her husband Jason – connect the 1920s to nearly the 2020s in an incredibly honest way – with constant threads of vibrantly close duet singing, poignant songwriting, hand-made banjos, and old acoustic guitars. It’s no surpise that she is a Voice Works favorite. Pharis is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, teacher, and


Swinging Harmony with Sylvia Herold

Whenever we convene a gathering of singers, harmony ensues. And when we think of harmony at Voice Works, we think of Sylvia Herold. Sylvia grew up in West L.A. in a musical family. Her mother, Virginia, played piano and sang Gilbert and Sullivan. Her father, Henry, played guitar and sang Johnny Cash songs. As a

Cactus Blossoms

Who are The Cactus Blossoms?

Country music has a long-held appreciation for sibling bands, and it seems there’s no sweeter sound than two brothers harmonizing over a sad country tune. The Cactus Blossoms play country music the way the best always have: with an ear for universal truth in commonplace stories and for real emotion in simple melodies and beautiful harmonies.

Bill Kirchen

Bill Kirchen – The King of Dieselbilly

Bill Kirchen has been called the King of Dieselbilly, the Titan of the Telecaster and the Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods. His music straddles several genres — truck-driving music, Americana, country, rockabilly — but he sums it up as roots music. We love having Bill at Voice Works – he is a warm and generous


What is Sacred Harp Singing, Anyway?

We’re thrilled to welcome Tim Eriksen to Voice Works in 2014 to teach Sacred Harp Singing. These days there are plenty of online resources to get an introduction to Sacred Harp singing, but David Warren Steel says simply: “Sacred Harp singing is a community musical and social event emphasizing participation, not performance, where people sing