Centrum is on a Mission to Nurture Creativity and Build Inclusion through the arts



Centrum envisions a future where anyone from anywhere can nurture their creativity in an environment that is supportive, challenging and uplifting – building a world of greater inclusion through the arts.



Centrum’s mission is to foster creative arts experiences that change lives. We exist to present, promote and honor:

• Traditional and evolving arts
• Programs for a diverse array of learners that focus on the intersection of the arts and creative education
• Residencies that provide artists with precious time, space and inspiration to develop innovative work

Through inter-generational immersive workshops, we bring together aspiring and master artists to ignite creativity, find and provide mentorship, and build community. Our public performances celebrate our workshops and programs, welcoming audiences to share in those creative experiences.

Centrum is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c)(3). Our tax ID number is 23-7348302.