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Voices from the Field Arts Academy

Middle School | July 9-13, 2024

Voices from the Field Arts Academy provides outstanding arts experiences for middle school students in Washington State’s migrant education programs. The Office of the Superintendent of Public Education (OSPI) believes their experiences in meaningful arts classes both inspire them to find their own strengths and creativity and be an avenue through which increased literacy and academic development takes place.

For this program, Centrum collaborates with OSPI and schools from around Washington State. This year’s program serves 45 students as they dive into theater, visual art, songwriting, music, poetry, and dance for four days, guided by an outstanding artist faculty and the idea that the arts reveal essential insights and ways of learning that can resonate meaningfully in the lives of young people.

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Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field Arts Program

  • This program is tuition free!
  • Established in 2016, in partnership with OSPI Office of Migrant Ed and Arts Impact
  • Classes dive into theater, visual art, songwriting, music, poetry, and dance
  • Beach night is a big hit!
  • Teachers study on campus with Arts Impact! Learning importance of arts integration for language learners

Welcome Voices from the Field

Comics and Journaling- Danielle Fodor

Poetry As The Means We Need-Alejandro Jimenez

Our words, our stories; and the way we tell those stories, can lead to transformational change - collective and/or individually. It can also lead to a sense of power, a sense of belonging, and being enough, and that who we are, where we come from are not things that should confine us but rather can propel us forward. That is the intent of this class: to explore, examine, and elevate the power of our story through poetry.

Folklorico Dance – Garcia Luna & Olivas Frederico
Learn traditional Mexican folkloric dance in this class with Luna. This dance is high energy with lots of movement and footwork! Folklorico is a combination of Mexican culture and history translated into rhythm and body movement. Dancing as a group, we work on coordination and expression. You’ll learn dances from the Costa Chica Region of the state of Guerrero focused on the style known as Chilenas. To find the beginning of this style you have to go to South America and Chile. The dances were introduced to Guerrero during the California “gold rush” in which Chilean ships stopped in Costa Chica for supplies, allowing the sailors to share their lively dances with locals, who took the dances and made them their own.

Theater Creation – Marisol Rosa-Shapiro
Explore a variety of theatrical means for telling stories. Our emphasis will be on playful exploration that employs the poetic body, voice, and imagination to create brand new, collaborative works of theater. Participants will wear a variety of creative hats, including actor, director, and writer.

Music & Roots – Joe Seamons
Learn to hear and play instruments and songs that laid the foundation for American music as we know it! This class will give you experience playing music with others on an instrument of your choice. Guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin, singing, and percussion are all options for students, and beginners are welcome.

Giant Puppets – Margie McDonald
Bring Giants to life with you inside. Students will create large puppets using simple materials such as cardboard, wire, fabric, sticks and tape. You will learn to put cardboard together use a sewing awl and hot glue. The final product can be based on something that exists such as animals or is fabricated from your imagination. The Giants come to life on stage for Friday’s Student Showcase.

The safety and comfort of your children is our highest priority. Meals at Fort Worden State Park are served on campus at the Fort Worden Commons. Students are housed in historic fort buildings renovated as dormitories.

What to Bring & What Not to Bring
Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed at Centrum Youth Programs. In case of emergency, Centrum's program manager and staff carry phones and will notify you as soon as possible. You may leave a message for your student at any time with Program Manager Alyssa de Leon (360) 385-3102 x120. You will receive contact information in an email prior to the start of the program.

Please bring these items:

• An extra blanket (it can be cold)
• Warm clothes (including a warm jacket)
• Rain gear • Clothes you can get messy in (paint, etc.)
• Soap & shampoo
• Day Pack
• Water bottle or canteen
• Hat (such as a baseball cap)
• An alarm clock
• Flashlight
• Spiral notebook or journal
• Pens, pencils and erasers
• Clothes you can MOVE in for dance, theater, etc. (not jeans)

• Musical instruments
• Camera
• Quarters and soap (To do laundry)
• Healthy snacks (Centrum provides three meals a day, as well as light evening and afternoon snacks. Students are welcome to bring additional snacks, however we strongly discourage sending students to Centrum with large amounts of sugary snacks).
• Linens are provided in the dormitory, including pillows, sheets, blankets and towels, but an extra blanket can come in handy.
• Bathing suit, if you are bashful. You may want to bring a suit for when you take a shower, although there are individual shower stalls for privacy.

Please go through this list carefully, and call if you have any questions. Providing extra care in helping your student prepare for the week will enhance their experience greatly. Thank you for your help!

If you have any more questions about Voices from the Fields, please contact Alyssa de Leon at 360-385-3102, x120, or adeleon@centrum (dot) org.

Find more answers - Centrum FAQs

Photo of Luna Garcia

Luna Garcia


Luna Garcia started dancing Folklorico at age seven with the dance group Joyas Mestizas. In 2007, she started teaching with Joyas Mestizas, and she started dancing with Bailadores de Bronce. Dancing and teaching with both organizations, she has been able to promote and present the beauty of Folklorico throughout the Seattle area. She has taken classes and workshops with renowned Folklorico teachers such as Jose Tena from New Mexico State University and Samuel Cortez from Los Lupeños, San Jose.

Photo of Alejandro Jimenez

Alejandro Jimenez


ALEJANDRO JIMENEZ is a nationally and internationally recognized poet from Colima, Mexico. He was featured in TIME Magazine as one of 80 Mexican artists shaping contemporary Mexican culture. His work, and story, are the subject of a short documentary for the PBS series, American Masters: In The Making, which highlights emerging cultural icons.…

Photo of Margie McDonald

Margie McDonald


Margie McDonald is the artistic director for the Port Townsend Wearable Art Show now heading into its sixth year.
Margie’s work in Wearable art and sculpture has been exhibited in the New Zealand World of Wearable Art Exhibition, Bainbridge Island Art Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, Northwind Arts Center and Simon Mace Gallery.

Photo of Marisol Rosa-Shapiro

Marisol Rosa-Shapiro


Marisol Rosa-Shapiro is a New York and Seattle-based performer, director, teaching artist, and creator of original works of theater. She is a graduate of Princeton University and of Giovanni Fusetti’s Lecoq-based Helikos School of Theatre Creation in Florence, Italy. Her specialties include mask theater, mime, clown, commedia dell’arte, improvisation, physical comedy, movement-and ensemble-based creation and more.…

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