The Centrum Artist Network (CAN) is designed to keep Centrum’s incredible community of artists connected even when we can’t be together at Fort Worden. What do we mean when we say “artists”? We mean all musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, illustrators, animators, filmmakers, dancers, performers, poets, and other makers who, since 1973, have made Centrum a home for creative inspiration. We miss you when you are not here and want to know what you are up to! And we thought y’all might feel that way about each other too.  
We asked around to find out what you want (and don’t want) from CAN. This is what we heard: Yes to more on what your fellow artists are doing out there in the world. Yes to in-depth stories about the world-class faculty and history that make coming to Centrum special. Yes to getting that feeling of creativity in community that brings you to here in the first place. No to joining or following or downloading more social media. No to a million more emails.
If you are a current or former Centrum participant, faculty member or artist resident, and that sounds good to you, please join CAN!


  • A steady stream of news and events about your fellow CAN members here on the Centrum Artist Network homepage 
  • A quarterly email newsletter with stories, interviews, and more 
  • Special Centrum Artist Network events on campus during workshops
  • Video series, archival recordings, and more on the CAN homepage

"Centrum was invaluable to me personally. It gave me access to an incredible location and community which nurtured my creative spirit and encouraged me to play."                       
 - 2022 Emerging Artist Resident

more about the ARTIST NETWORK

The Centrum Artist Network (CAN) is a program designed to help current and former Centrum participants and faculty keep engaged with the incredible work and exciting things Centrum artists are doing around the world. CAN highlights the breadth, depth, and impact of Centrum’s artistic community by sharing news and events, collecting stories, finding archival gems, conducting interviews, and other information of interest to CAN members.
By joining CAN, you are simply expressing an interest in staying more connected with Centrum’s creative community. If you have a new book, album, tour, performance, exhibition, poem you think people would like, or memory to share, let us know and we will spread the word! We will also be keeping an ear out for news on the wire. Every quarter, you will get our CAN newsletter, which is specifically geared towards artist-centered news and stories. 
If you have ever come to Centrum to make or learn art of any kind, you can join CAN! Any current or former Centrum workshop participant, faculty member, or residency program participant is eligible. Whether you attended Fiddle Tunes in 2023, were a resident artist in 1995, or taught poetry in 1984, CAN is for you!

NEWs from CAN

Centrum artists network faq

Nope! We want CAN to benefit both Centrum and artists in the network by being a place to share and appreciate an exceptional creative community that is invested and excited about learning and supporting the arts together – it’s not transactional, it’s transformative!
As we approached our 50th anniversary in 2023, we thought a lot about the artists and learners who made Centrum what it is today. We wanted to find a way to stay connected across the years and the far-flung places that many return to when they leave Fort Worden. The community and the art that happens here on campus during workshops and residencies is special and rare. We wanted to keep its light shining brighter, no matter where you are.
Oh yay! You can email to submit stories, pictures, tour dates, exhibitions, etc. We will spread the word and reach out if we have any questions. As CAN grows we will have an online portal to submit everything as well!
CAN is mostly an online organization, with the majority of connections and information happening over the Centrum website. But CAN isn’t another messaging platform or a social media app that you have to download, it’s a place for you to see and identify other Centrum participants and faculty and then take the conversation where you’d like. CAN will also offer some in-person events on campus during workshops so look out for those! 
No! You will not. The Centrum Artist Network involves what you want to share and how you want to share and receive it. There will be a quarterly newsletter with selections of interviews, announcements about what other CAN members are doing, a memory or two from Centrums history and more in-depth content, (like the in full interviews from our new Porch Performance Series).    
I already receive the Centrum newsletter. How is this different? The Centrum newsletter you already get has announcements about upcoming Centrum events, registration dates, and various kinds of organizational news. It goes out to the greater Centrum community of volunteers, ticket buyers, donors, participants, neighbors and friends. The CAN newsletter is geared towards our artist community and focuses on things we think will be of special interest to Centrum participants (both learners and faculty).

One of the first projects of the Centrum Artist Network, From the Porch is a series of capsule concerts and interviews filmed on Centrum’s front porch. Featuring faculty, participants and students from the many workshops Centrum offers, they are a tiny snapshot of Centrum at its best. Over the summer of 2023, Centrum filmed and interviewed musicians and performers from our workshops, asking them about their musical journeys, and how they came to be at Centrum. We filmed through the Pacific Northwest perpetual drizzle and in bright August sunshine, we filmed at seven a.m. and at more musically reasonable hours. This series of tiny concerts is Centrum at its best, world class music and instruction all From the Porch.

help fill the world with art and music!

Have an event, announcement, or other news you’d like to share with us? Send it to us! We will add it to the CAN news or reach out for more details if need be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for filling the world with more art and music!
Questions? Want to talk to a person? Contact Genevieve Barlow at or (360) 385-3102 x132