Voice Works – A Workshop for Singers

June 23-28, 2015 (Registration coming soon…)
Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington

Join us for Centrum’s latest gathering of singers. Singing is compelling. It’s the natural human effort to communicate, it maintains culture, and it makes you feel good. The combination of world-class artists and passionate singers at Voice Works creates a rare community as participants of all levels join with some of the finest vocalists in the hemisphere.

Day and night you’ll soak up styles, songs and stories in a wide range of vocal traditions. Through close observation and personal experimentation you’ll learn about breathing, phrasing, dynamics, how to make your voice blend, and what makes your voice unique. You’ll learn new songs, about your range, and how to find your key.

Before I came to Voice Works, I loved singing, but I never felt comfortable with what it sounded like, or my ability to blend with other people. But that class with Pharis – the warm-ups, the breathing – and then you’re in to your day, you’re warmed up, you’re opened up in a way that makes it possible for your voice to come out, it’s like you’re prepared for anything ….”

“When you go round in a circle, and your instructor says “Try this, try that,” it somehow becomes so unthreatening, and it’s really fun. Everyone has such a unique and different voice, you learn SO much from other participants, and you start to understand your sound is okay, it’s all right. It’s your voice.”

Specifically, you’ll learn to sing harmony, vintage country duets, classic jazz, swing, trios, Sacred Harp singing, Southern mountain music, Cajun, gospel, honky-tonk songs, bluegrass, and probably more.

Besides absorbing a variety of cultural and stylistic music, daily technical sessions will be on the schedule. A vocal warm-up class starts off each morning, and a class focusing on proper breathing, tone production, and care of your voice is offered each day.

The workshop is open to everyone. Differing levels of ability are expected, and the faculty will respond to participant need accordingly. If you’re on the beginning end of the spectrum, you’ll find an ample slate of classes to address your needs; likewise, advanced singers will find plenty to challenge them. There’ll be three full days of intensive study, community building, singing, public performances, dances, house parties, song swaps, and participant showcases.

If you can’t help singing, or if you’ve always wanted to sing with people but for whatever reason you don’t, you should plan to be at this workshop.


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