2008 Fort Worden Calendar

June 22-29


Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival

The Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival, with Artistic Director Helen
Callus, offers instrumentalists and composers unparalleled access to chamber
music faculty that includes the Tokyo String Quartet. Master classes, reading
sessions, special classes, and private instruction are also included. The
festival serves emerging professionals, college students, talented adult
amateurs, and high school students. Other faculty members include Robert Koenig,
Desmond Hoebig, Andrew Dawes, and the Attacca String Quartet.

Centrum; www.centrum.org/classical; 360.385.3102,

June 26
with Woodworkers with Jim Tolpin and John Marckworth

How does an abstract concept become beautiful furniture or cabinetry in your
home? This lecture explores the ins and outs of working with woodworkers – from
basic project definition, through design options and details, to bids and
pricing, and installation. We’ll pull in local woodworkers to share their
experiences and tips.
6:30pm – free admission
Port Townsend School of

Building 315, Fort Worden
www.ptwoodschool.com (360) 344-4455

June – July

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Summer Courses

Introduction to the Tablesaw, Jointer, Planer &
6/27/2008 – 3 Days

In this three day course you’ll learn to use, maintain and tune the principle
large machines in a woodshop. We’ll combine elements from Jim Tolpin’s book
"Table Saw Magic" with our recommendations for jigs and fixtures for each

Introduction to Homeshop Cabinetmaking 
6/30/2008 – 3 Days

A three day intensive introduction to homeshop cabinet making.

Relief Carving
  7/7/2008 – 5 Days

Learn relief carving with Dan Packard. Dan has 30 years of experience
teaching sculpture. You’ll learn to model flowers and then carve them with
gouges and a mallet.

Greene &
Greene Details
7/12/2008 – 2 Days

Darrell Peart is the master of Greene and Greene style Furniture. In this two
day course you’ll make a the corner of a table that has all the characteristic
details of Greene & Greene furniture.

Introduction to
Hand Tools for Women
7/14/2008 – 5 Days

A course for women who want to begin woodworking. You’ll make a small
Shaker-style Bench with joinery crafted using handtools.

Edge Tools –
Sharpening, Tuning and Using Chisels & Planes
– 2 Days

Learn to put a razor sharp edge on your blades. Tune your handplanes and then
learn how to create a silky smooth surface without sanding. We’ll also cover the
sharpening and use of card scrapers.

7/25/2008 – 1 Day

Learn to route using your own router.

Introduction to Woodworking  7/28/2008 – 10

For the absolute beginner: ten days of full immersion in woodworking. You’ll
build a small project with hand joinery and learn to mill all your lumber on a
full range of woodworking machines.

Port Townsend School of
Building 315, Fort Worden
www.ptwoodschool.com (360) 344-4455

June 29–July 6


The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes

A total-immersion workshop presenting regional styles of fiddle music. With
Artistic Director Dirk Powell, the program’s spectrum includes workshop classes,
band lab classes, tutorials, dances, concerts, open jams, parties, and informal
and spontaneous gatherings. The emphasis at the workshop is on the oral
tradition of close observation and listening followed by personal

Public performances:
July 4 (1: 30pm, 7:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion
July 5
(1:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion

Centrum: www.centrum.org/fiddle; 360.385.3102,

July 7-11

Bones, Bugs, and Bluffs

Exploration workshop for students exploring the varied natural environments
from beach and glacial bluff to forest, pond, and meadow. Students investigate
lagoon life, make connections between fossilized animals and their descendants,
and enjoy fun, experiential learning.

Port Townsend Marine Science Center; www.ptmsc.org; 360.385.5582.

July 10
Construction with Charles Landau

Timber framing is a simple but elegant building system consisting of large
wood posts and beams fit together with interlocking joinery and secured with
wooden pegs. This talk will place the modern craft of timber framing in the
context of its historic development and describe some of the unique features of
the contemporary timber-frame building system. Examples of recently constructed
timber frame residences and public buildings will demonstrate the flexibility
and energy efficiency of modern timber frame structures.

6:30pm – free
Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Building 315, Fort
www.ptwoodschool.com (360) 344-4455

July 11-July 19


Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing

This low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program is a
forty-eight credit program. The four-semester program combines a low-residency
model in which students can immerse themselves in craft, literature, critique,
and practicalities, experiment with different genres and commune with visiting
writers, professionals, and faculty for eight days at the start of each
residency, with one-on-one mentoring during the rest of the semester.

Goddard College; www.goddard.edu; 360.344.4100.

July 10-July 13


Dobro Intensive

A total-immersion workshop with three master stylists (Mike Neer, Don Rooke,
Michael Witcher), showcasing bluegrass, Hawaiian, old jazz, and eclectic dobro
music. Participants will meet each morning with the same instructor, as those
classes will be incremental, designed to build on the previous day’s work. In
the afternoon, participants will have an opportunity to take classes from all
teachers, which will include one-on-one instruction.

Public performance:
July 12 (7:30pm) Wheeler Theater

Centrum; www.centrum.org/slide; 360.385.3012, x127.

July 14-July 18

Marine Biology Day Camp

Full-day immersion workshop in scientific study. Activities include looking
through sediments fro brittle stars, pulling a seine net through eelgrass beds
to find young fish, and observing microscopic life.

Port Townsend Marine Science Center; www.ptmsc.org;

July 13-July 20


The Port Townsend Writers’ Conference

The Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, with Artistic Director Rebecca Brown,
is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most acclaimed literary gatherings, offering
week-long workshops for poets, essayists, fiction writers, and cross-genre
writers, punctuated by daily readings, craft lectures, workshops in special
topics, and special events. With Chris Abani, Kim Addonizio, Kathleen Alcalá,
Brian Evenson, Lesley Hazleton, Gary Lilley, and Selah Saterstrom.

Public readings:
daily (7:30pm) Wheeler Theater

Centrum;  www.centrum.org/writing; 360.385.3102,

July 20-July 27


Jazz Port Townsend

The Pacific Northwest’s premier jazz experience, with Artistic Director John
Clayton. The week-long workshop gives ardent jazz students the chance to live,
learn, and jam with such jazz artists as Wycliffe Gordon, Monty Alexander,
Paquito D’Rivera, Eric Alexander, Ingrid Jensen, and dozens more. The workshop
is for playing professionals, aspiring professionals, and committed avocational
players, as well as talented high school and college students.

Public performances:

July 24 (8pm) downtown/uptown
July 25 (10pm)
July 26 (10pm) downtown/uptown
July 27 (9:30am)

Mainstage concerts
July 25 (7:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion
July 26
(1:30pm, 7:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion

Centrum; www.centrum.org/jazz; 360.385.3102, x106 or

July 27-August 3


Port Townsend Country Blues Festival

The largest gathering of country blues musicians west of the Mississippi.
With Artistic Director Phil Wiggins, the gathering features John Cephas, Phil
Wiggins, Warner Williams, Daryl Davis, Louisiana Red, Terry “Harmonica” Bean,
and Shirley Smith, among dozens more. The festival is a week-long,
total-immersion experience that passes down the skills, sounds, stories,
laughter, and pain of the authentic bearers of the blues tradition. The workshop
culminates in public performances.

Public performances:

August 1 (9pm) downtown/uptown
August 2 (9pm)

Mainstage concerts
August 1 (7:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion
August 2
(1:30pm) McCurdy Pavilion

Centrum; www.centrum.org/blues; 360.385.3102,

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Courses 2008

8/11/2008 – 1 Day

Learn how to use biscuit joiners, pocket hole joinery and the Festool Domino
to quickly build cabinets and small furniture. You’ll make a small cabinet as
part of the course.

up a Home Shop
8/12/2008 – 1 Day

Setting up a home shop can be tricky.. In this course we cover machine
placement, power requirements, storage, dust collection, and more.

Introduction to Furniture Design  8/13/2008 – 1

Learn the techniques of furniture design through a sequence of quick drawing
and mockup exercises.

"The Joy
of Woodworking" with Jim Tolpin
8/18/2008 – 5 Day

In these Joy of Woodworking courses you will discover how fast and fun it is to work wood with properly tuned and sharpened handtools. In just a few days you’ll get the hang of some simple and sensible techniques that eliminate the typical tedium of hand-tool working.

Build a
Windsor Chair
8/25/2008 – 5 Day

Learn to build a Windsor style chair with Greg Kossow. You’ll learn to rive
parts from a log and shape them by hand. The back of the chair is

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Building 315, Fort
(360) 344-4455

August 3-August 6


The Roots of Rock

Rock and roll was the first form of American music that broke down racial
barriers. It crossed cultures and caused America’s youth to rise up out of their
segregated sections at concerts and dance in the aisle together—at a time when
when integration was actually illegal. At Centrum’s Roots of Rock you’ll learn
about the genesis of rock, how it grew out of the social context of the late
nineteen-fifties, and, most of all, how to play it. With Wanda Jackson—the
“Queen of Rock and Roll”—and Keith Grimes, Daryl Davis, Eduardo “Cha Cha”
Garcia-Maynez, and Scott Porter.

Centrum; www.centrum.org/blues; 360.385.3102, x127.

August 15-August 24

Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Goddard College; www.goddard.edu; 360.344.4100

August 28
"Being a
recovering furniture maker" – Kim Kelzer

Kim has been a nationally and internationally recognized furniture maker. Her
whimsical painted furniture has been a delight over the years.

Kim, however, has come to the hard recognition that people expect furniture
to be cheap and sculpture to be expensive. Kim went through an agonizing
decision to abandon her love for furniture and switch to sculpture. Kim will
share the pain and pleasure of her decision.

She’ll share with us some of her latest work which she is preparing for a
show in Langley on Whidbey Island in September.

Kim lives and works in Freeland on Whidbey Island.

6:30pm – free admission

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Building 315, Fort Worden
www.ptwoodschool.com (360) 344-4455

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Courses 2008

Rescue Class
9/2/2008 – 3 Day

This is an introduction to furniture repair and refinishing. Bring your own
piece along or work on some pieces we’ve found at Fort Worden.

Router Jigs & Fixtures  9/8/2008 – 1

Learn to use jigs and fixtures to extend the capability of your router. Cut
joinery, circles and more.

Introduction to the Tablesaw, Jointer, Planer &
9/10/2008 – 3 Day

In this three day course you’ll learn to use, maintain and tune the principle
large machines in a woodshop. We’ll combine elements of Jim Tolpin’s book "Table
Saw Magic" with our recommendations for jigs and fixtures for each machine.

Texture to Character
9/13/2008 – 2 Day

This two day course will teach how to create texture on solid wood furniture
using the basic techniques of relief carving. With Dan Packard

Traditional Furniture Making  9/15/2008 – 10

This two week course build on the skills you’ll have learnt in the
Introduction to Woodworking course (or by taking the part courses). You’ll
design and build a traditional single draw, double door frame and panel cabinet

Woodworking Skills for Round the House Tasks
9/27/2008 – 2

We think of this as the "Honey I’ll do it myself" course.

Townsend School of Woodworking
Building 315, Fort Worden

Events subject to change.

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