2009 Volunteer “Job Fair” June 16th

Centrum’s 2009 “Volunteers’ Job Fair” will be at 4pm on Tuesday June 16th at the McCurdy Pavilion.  This event is in place of the Volunteer Orientation of previous years.

There will be handouts that more completely describe each volunteer assignment, so those of you who are new or might be considering trying something new will be able to pick up more information. We’ll get to look at the empty venue and talk about safety and emergency procedures. We’ll also introduce a special project that Leah Hammer and I think will be fun… and we’ll be asking for your input and participation.

For those of you who signed up to work with ACCESS Services, this will be an opportunity to take a look at the Pavilion set up and learn about our new  “ACCESS Team Discretionary Seating” procedure. This procedure was implemented last season under the guidance of Lois Frisch, Trudy Rosenberg and Sue Cook. It’s a simple way to give the ACCESS Team the ability to operate seamlessly during events.

It will be a nice way for us to informally gather and kick off the new and exciting summer of Centrum Programs.

Like the Orientation meeting of previous years, this is not a mandatory event. Some of you have already responded that you are unable to attend, which is of course understandable. But for those of you who can spare an hour or two, it would be great to have you come down.

We’ll also be taking a look at the big tent that production will set up for us, and you can chime in on this idea: Volunteer Appreciation Barbecue/Party – a daytime weekend event (first or second weekend in October?) held on the green next to the Pavilion. Centrum will set up the big tent, tables and chairs, and host a grill party.

I’ll have a “ballot box” on hand so you can express yourself!

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