2009 Winter Wanderlust Announced

photography, feats of endurance and stories of challenging travel to
wild and remote places are featured at Winter Wanderlust, which begins
its 22nd season on Wednesday, Jan. 7 at the Joseph F. Wheeler Theater
in Fort Worden State Park.

These tales from afar will bring some light to cold, dark winter nights on eight Wednesdays, through February.

Climbers pass through a mountain village in western China on their way to attempt a first ascent of Yangmolong peak. - Photo by Richard Isherwood
journey to Chile's Patagonia coast begins the series on Jan. 7 at 7:30
p.m., when Port Townsend resident Tom Stammer and partner and
photographer Bev McNeil present the subsistence life of those living on
a tiny remote island in the Chiloe archipelago. Their images of
agricultural and maritime life among the few island families are
supplemented with their adventures by sea kayak to explore the wild and
isolated coast.

Other Wanderlust programs this year feature a
search for exotic plants in mountainous Asia, the unique life and
wonderful creatures of the Galapagos, traversing the Gobi Desert by
camel, a safari to Borneo's wild jungles and rivers, an ascent of
China's unclimbed Yangmolong peak, traveling across America by horse
and wagon, and walking Scotland coast to coast on the Southern Upland

Jan. 7
Chile's Patagonia coast

subsistence life on the tiny remote island of Anihue in the Chiloe
archipelago, with added adventures by sea kayak on its wild and
isolated coast, with Tom Stammer and Bev McNeil.

Jan. 14
Seeking Asia's exotic plants

the rich botanical and cultural heritage of China's Yunnan and Sichuan
provinces while tramping the mountains in search of new ornamental
plants. This program is a light-hearted look at modern-day plant
hunting with Kelly Dodson and Sue Milliken.

Jan. 21
Boobies, iguanas and albatross

about the wonderful creatures of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, their
fascinating behaviors and adaptations to an isolated environment.
Travel by boat and on foot through the varied terrain of these distant
islands with Selden McKee.

Jan. 28
Gobi Desert by camel

back in time and travel across Mongolia's remote Gobi Desert on
camelback, staying in nomadic ger (yurt) camps en route. Experience the
complete silence of a world with no roads and no power with Juelie

Feb. 4
Borneo's wondrous wilderness

on a family safari to the wild jungles and rivers of Borneo's Sabeh
area. In a habitat of exotic wildlife and biodiversity, meet
orangutans, gibbons, langurs, leopards, giant hornbills and pygmy
elephants with Coke Smith.

Feb. 11
Climbing China's high mountains

an attempt to summit the unclimbed peak of Yangmolong (19,800 feet) in
the Tibetan region of Sichuan, Western China. Travel through areas now
closed to foreigners after Tibetan demonstrations and before the recent
earthquake with Richard Isherwood.

Feb. 18
Across America by horses and wagon

by wagon more than 3,000 miles from New York to Montana. This program
features the places and people of an 11-month journey through one of
the coldest winters of the Midwest with Dave McWethy.

Feb. 25
Walking across Scotland coast to coast

endless rain-soaked days hiking and slogging 200-plus miles through
bogs, villages and local legends on the longest footpath in Scotland
with Ron Strange.

A season's pass for the eight-program series
costs $35 and is available at Sport Townsend, 1044 Water St., or at the
door. Admission to single shows is by donation, $5 suggested or $1 for
students. All shows start at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at Joseph F.
Wheeler Theater in Fort Worden State Park.

Proceeds from the
Wanderlust series benefit two local nonprofit programs: Fort Worden's
Olympic Hostel and the Jefferson Trails Coalition. Call 385-0655.

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