2011 Gatsby Party at the Home of Lucy Congdon and Charlie Hanson

The sixty Centrum Gala guests who won the opportunity to attend “A Gatsby Afternoon” partied in style at the home of Lucy Congdon and Charlie Hanson on June 25, 2011. Many dressed in vintage whites and posed by Charlie’s antique cars; all enjoyed gentle libations, the concert from Centrum artists’ Casey McGill and Orville Johnson, and the lunch catered by Arran Stark, served on the sloping lawn.

Anticipating the post-feast croquet game, Executive Director John MacElwee offered a wager to the first person to knock Renate Wheeler’s croquet ball out of bounds, a challenge met by the team of Mary Hilts and Ken McBride.

Centrum-Gala-Gatsby-Party3    Centrum-Gala-Gatsby-Party

Centrum-Gala-Gatsby-Party4    Centrum-Gala-Gatsby-Party2

View more photos from the party on Centrum’s Flickr site.


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