Be a Centrum Volunteer

Scenic_pavilion Thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are at the very heart of Centrum. Without your generous support the extraordinary concerts, readings, and special performances that take place at Fort Worden State Park every year simply do not happen. Centrum thrives because of you. You make Centrum possible.

Centrum, in partnership with Fort Worden State Park, is a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, for students of all ages and backgrounds, and for audiences seeking extraordinary cultural achievement. Centrum and Fort Worden State park provide a haven for people to perform, learn, teach, and connect, and then return to the world renewed, perhaps even transformed, by the experience of their time here. Annually, Centrum brings about 27,000 people to the park for year-round workshops, performances, residencies, and cultural enjoyment.

While most of Centrum’s programming is intergenerational, there is also a series of residential learning experiences that serve youth only. About one-third of Centrum workshop participants are 18 years old or younger. We are dramatically increasing scholarship funds available for youth with the goal of being able to serve and learn from the broadest possible spectrum of aspiring young artists and creative thinkers.

And at the core of the Centrum community are more than one thousand individual donors and volunteers who demonstrate through their generosity a profound belief in the power of creativity. On behalf of all of us,

Welcome! At Centrum, you make transformational, life-changing experiences in the arts possible.
To see all the ways you can help, click here and sign up today!

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