Birth of Bodie: An Email from Mary Lucey

Bodie hey y'all!!!!!!!!

woweeee, a lil angel touched down on tuesday sept 25th at 7:05pm! a full moon rising over the mountains outside our hospital window. everything went smoothly and relatively quickly, so they say ;-)  a very beautiful and powerful experience. we are sooo happy to be home. and are so grateful for this healthy nugget of love. billy has been master chef cardine, so we are all gaining our strength back. adrenaline is an amazing thing and has been keeping me chugging through days and nights that total sleep in the minutes.   

imagine the jam sessions that could be going on with this unstoppable energy! or is it obsessive Mary_lucey_2 compulsive hawk-like awareness and sensitivity to this new lil bugger? his name is william bodie cardine, and we are calling him bodie. we want to thank you all so very much for all of the love and support. we know how blessed we are for friends like y'all!  ok, so here are some photos…i had to restrain myself a bit 😉

much love, mary and billy and bodie boy

Mary Lucey and Billy Cardine taught and performed at Centrum in 2007. Together, they play in the fiery mountain music band the Biscuit Burners.

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