Cajuns at Fiddle Tunes this year

There'll be many interesting people from Louisiana in Port Townsend this summer. Here's some of the things they'll be doing during the workshop:

morning classes
    Joel Savoy and Linzay Young – the twin fiddle music of Courville and McGee. 
        (hear Dennis:
    Jesse Lege, the Cajun's Cajun – accordion
    Kevin Wimmer – swing fiddle
    Chas Justus – swing guitar

    Traditional Cajun band lab – Jesse Lege and Joel Savoy
    Swing band lab – Kevin Wimmer and Chas Justus
    Cooking – Linzay Young             (
    Tutorials - accordion with Dave Lang, and fiddle with Kelli Jones.

Glenn Fields (drums) and Eric Frey (bass) of the Red Stick Ramblers will also be here, helping as needed with band labs, dances, eating, and enforcing dress codes.

Cool, huh?

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