Cashdollar and the Holy Ghost

[Worshop service led by the Campbell brothers]

(Look for the start of the Campbell brothers' sacred steel stylings at 1:28 in the above video.) If you're a steel player, you owe it to yourself to join Darick Campbell and Cindy Cashdollar (for Cindy, check out the video below!) at the October 2-5 Lap Steel Intensive.

Cindy and Darick will be joining their lap steel energies in what promises to be one of the most rockin' Centrum intensives of the year. Darick Campbell will be on hand to teach steel and sacred steel, and he'll be joined by Cindy Cashdollar, one of the finest lap steel players in the world, period.

Sacred steel is a genre of rocking Pentecostal music in which with the dobro or pedal steel takes the role of both the organ and the singer. The steel player sits front and center and drives the service. Many times the only two musicians onstage will be the steel player and the drummer. It's a vital American steel tradition just now emerging from the House of God church, a church started by a black woman in the early 1900s with her two sons.

Congregations are all over the South and Midwest. House of God services, like those of many Pentecostal services, are marked by an eagerness to receive the Holy Spirit. Dancers knock over chairs, wave their arms, and praise the Lord in dance. They are guided by the Biblical verse Psalm 149:3a—“let them praise His name in dance.”

It’s all about people working hard in their lives. Most people in the House of God are working people, and they go there to go to another place. but you don't need to attend church to enjoy sacred steel. As pedabro player Dan Tyack notes, "All are welcome, from saint to sinner, from Buddhist to Baptist, from born again Christian to backsliding Unitarian. All you need to enter here is the willingness to get funky with the Holy Ghost.”

Cashdollar and Campbell will also give a public performance and lead a dance on Saturday, October 4, at Fort Worden's JFK Building.

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