Centrum needs your help

Dear Centrum supporter and arts education advocate:

We urgently need your help.

37 years, Centrum has provided tens of thousands of Washington students
life changing experiences through arts programs at Fort Worden State
Park.  During this time, Centrum has received partial state funding
($170,000 per year) for these programs through the Office of the
Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).   Even with the need to
reduce Washington's state budget, both Governor Gregoire and the Senate
understand the value of Centrum youth programs and have kept Centrum in
their respective 2010 and 2011 OSPI budgets.

Washington's House of Representatives has removed Centrum funding from
its version of the budget. The loss of this funding would result not
only in the termination of these valuable education programs, but would
also seriously threaten Centrum's future as one of Washington's leading
cultural institutions.

As well, these programs provide
substantial income for the State through additional park fees.  During
the last biennium (two year) budget cycle, Centrum paid the State $1.2
million in park fees through its programs.

If you or your
children, or someone you know have benefited from Centrum's programs,
we ask that you take a couple of minutes to send an email or make a
phone call (ideally both) to your Washington House representatives. 
It's easy; just follow the links and the steps outlined below.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support.


John A. MacElwee

Executive Director

   1. Link on to  Find Your Legislator (link provided below)
   2. Enter your address or  zip code
   3. Select your representative
   4. Click on email  (you may also want to take down their phone number)
   5. You will need to reconfirm your address or zip code
   6. Enter your contact information
   7. Check if you would like a response (recommended)
   8. Check if you would like to cc other legislators in your district (recommended)
   9. In the subject line please write:
      Please Reinstate Centrum Funding in House Budgets for 2010 and 2011
  10. Type your note in the comment section (sample provided below)

    BIG BONUS: Follow up your email with a phone call



Dear Representative (Last Name):

I am
writing to ask you to reinstate funding for Centrum's youth programs at
Fort Worden State Park in section 511 of the House budgets for 2010 and
2011 as its appears in both the Senate's and Governor's budgets.

37 years, Centrum has provided tens of thousands of Washington students
"life changing" experiences through the arts during residencies at the

(Personally, Centrum has offered (me, my child, our community) the chance….)

(I feel strongly about Centrum because….)

Thank you for your consideration.

(Your name)

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