Corey Harris on Mali and it’s Musical Legacy

Corey Harris Recently we got on the phone to Artistic Director Corey Harris to talk about the upcoming Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, and some of the artists who will be teaching and performing this year. (p.s. space is still available in the Festival workshop.)

It won't be a surprise to anyone familiar with Corey and his music that he has a fascinating view of the blues, it's influences, and it's future. As he selected faculty for our 2009 gatherings, Corey worked to invite artists who exemplified these various influences and directions.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be podcasting the recordings we made of our conversation on these issues. In addition to talking about how to access the African music tradition, Corey will share stories about Alvin Youngblood Hart, Washboard Chaz, and other faculty joining us here in Port Townsend. He will also describe a special school in Mali devoted to helping young musicians that we hope the blues community at Centrum will be able to support.

Corey has a special connection with the country of Mali. The west African nation is a rich wellspring of music that has interesting intersections with what we know as blues music. In the podcast below, Corey talks about this special place.

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