‘Errai’ Premieres at Warsaw Autumn

Ewa TrebaczSeattle Composer Ewa Trebacz returned to Centrum's Residency Program in October 2008 to record in the Dan Harpole Cistern.  Her most recent work 'Errai' premiered at the 52nd International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn in Warsaw, Poland. Ewa features Errai imagery and recordings on her website. Here are her thoughts about recording in the Cistern…

This unique space was used for my internationally recognized piece 'things lost things invisible', which among others received a prestigious recommendation of the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (Paris, June 2009).

The Cistern was also used for my most recent work 'Errai' which premiered at the 52nd International Festival of Contemporary Music WARSAW AUTUMN 2009 on September 19, 2009.  For 'Errai' I was able to bring Polish soprano Anna Niedzwiedz and Seattle horn player Josiah Boothby to the Cistern.  Both Ewa's descent works combine pre-recorded and live sound sources.  The technique used to record sounds in the Cistern allows for reproducing the actual space in 3 dimensions bringing the 3-dimensional acoustic image of the Cistern to an international audience.  This residency program has been an enormous help both artistically and professionally and has allowed this amazing Washington resource to be enjoyed around the world."

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