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Daniela Spielman



Saxophone & Flute

Daniela Spielmann has been part of the Brazilian Choro scene since 1998 as a saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger. Her music is current and at the same time respectful of the great Brazilian composers of the past. Her first CD as a member of the Choro ensemble Rabo de Lagartixa (Gecko´s Tail) was given a critics’ award for the best instrumental CD of the year and in 2002 her first solo album, Brazilian Breath, was nominated for a Latin Grammy. Since then she has released 14  CDs, the newest of which, Choro na Rua , Obrigado Zé Da Velha, Released in 2023. Daniela has participated in numerous festivals internationally and for 15 years was a member of the band on TV Globo’s Altas Horas, giving her the opportunity to perform with many leading artists. She is also an enthusiastic teacher and researcher and currently has a position in Rio de Janiero working with children and young adults.

Daniela received her Master’s in 2008 and her doctorate in 2017 with a thesis about Gafieira music and its relationship with groove music and dance. About her Choro playing she says, “I try to express the love I feel for life and for people through my playing. The vibrant rhythms, harmonies and melodic structures of this music can be heard in pubs, street festivals and our jam sessions called ‘Roda de Choro.’ It’s the expression of our popular culture. I want the whole world to hear it.”

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