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Dawn Pichón Barron (she/her) is a mixt-blood Indigi-Euro writer & scholar born in Southern California and primarily raised in rural Spokane. She is the academic director of the Native Pathways Program and member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College. Dawn is thrilled to participate in state-wide artist promotion and sustainment as an Artist Trust Board Member. Her work can be found in Yellow Medicine Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Moss, Pontoon, the anthology Of A Monstrous Child (Lost Horse Press, 2011), her chapbook ESCAPE GIRL BLUES (Finishing Line Press, 2018), in the anthology A Socially Just Classroom: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Writing Across the Humanities (Vernon Press, 2022) and elsewhere. She lives with her saltwater mermxn & chihuahuas in the sometimes sunny Pacific NW, at the southern tip of the Salish Sea on the stolen ancestral homelands of the tribal bands and clans of the Medicine Creek Treaty (1854).

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