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Linda Madison

Human Resources ConsultantHuman Resources


Linda is a dynamic change agent with a track record of innovative leadership in transformational operations. With extensive proficiency in non-profit fiscal forecasting, cash management, budgeting, ad hoc reporting, and financial dashboarding of key performance indicators, she consistently delivers pristine financial reports, tailor-made for diverse audiences.

Beyond her financial acumen, Linda’s holistic approach to business extends to overseeing critical support functions like HR, Risk, IT, and Facilities management. Her commitment to fiscal sustainability, best business practices, and systematic enhancement is evident from her two decades as a financial executive, steering multi-million-dollar organizations.

A fervent advocate for solution-based strategic planning, Linda emphasizes collaborative teamwork, harnessing her insights to drive transformative impact in community engagement. Her educational background includes a BS in HR Management, and she’s on the path to earning an MBA in HRM. Linda is also an esteemed participant in the Executive Finance and Leadership Management Program at Wharton School.

Outside of her professional realm, Linda enjoys traveling, the soothing rhythms of jazz, nurturing her garden, and cherishing moments with family on Whidbey Island.

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