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One of the founders of the famous string band, The Hotmud Family, Rick Good is an accomplished guitarist, banjo player, singer and songwriter. A performer of traditional and original music, Good’s career has spanned nearly four decades. He started playing traditional music at age twelve. After The Hotmud Family (1970-1983) he moved on to Rhythm in Shoes (1987-2010), a touring dance and music ensemble that combined clogging, tap dancing and original choreography with traditional and original music. Since Rhythm in Shoes, Good has more recently played with ShoeFly (an offshoot of Rhythm in Shoes), the Red Clay Ramblers, Good & Young and The Elements. With his partner Sharon Leahy, a professional dancer and choreographer, Good has captivated Dayton, Ohio, and the rest of the United States with his versatility, musical innovation, and storied career. A fearless educator, comfortable in any workshop setting, open and at ease in any community, mentor to younger musicians, a gifted and versatile writer, singer, musician, and actor, Rick Good has had as distinguished a career as any traditional musician could wish for.

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