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Season: 2023


Cláudio Rabeca is a fiddle player, composer, singer, teacher, music producer and luthier from the Northeast of Brasil. For more than 20 years he has fiddled, sang, and played percussion with multiple Brasilian groups, including 11 years with the forró group Quarteto Olinda. After he dedicated himself fully to the fiddle, he found that the instrument informed his creative process and is the basis for his singing. In 2009, he released his first solo album, Luz do Baião, and in 2019 he released his second, Rabeca Brasileira. He one of the composers of the soundtrack for the show Raízes, by the Belgian contemporary dance company Untamed, with which he performed as a musician in Belgium, Mexico and Holland. He has played his fiddle on stages all over the world, with Forró de Rabeca his main source of inspiration and the highlight of his career. He is preparing a new CD for 2023, which will be entirely of instrumental Forró de Rabeca.

Júnior Teles (percussion) a Brazilian percussionist, composer and teacher, with 20 years of experience as percussionist for many artists from Pernambuco. Born in 1989, he studied percussion at the Conservatory of Music of Pernambuco and was a music instructor at private schools, at Paço do Frevo, and at Conservatory of Music of Pernambuco. In his career, he he has accompanyed artists such as Antônio Carlos Nóbrega, Em Canto e Poesia, Orquestra Malassombro, Pife Urbano, Getúlio Cavalcanti, Josildo Sá, Cláudio Rabeca, Quarteto Pernambuco and many others.

Rodrigo Samico (7 string guitar) is a composer, arranger, and professor at the Pernambucano Conservatory of Music. A multi-instrumentalist, Rodrigo holds a master’s degree in Music and Sound Creation from Université Paris, France. In Brazil, he directs the bands Marsa (winner of the Pré-AMP 2015 festival), Saracotia (nominated for the 24th Brazilian Music Award) and Forró na Caixa. He has worked with Sagaranna, Renata Rosa, Quarteto Olinda, Cláudio Rabeca and many others. Rodrigo has more than 20 years of experience teaching Brazilian guitar and 7-string guitar workshops in Europe and the USA.

Negadeza (percussion) started learning percussion at the age of 10 alongside her grandmother, Selma do Coco, and her mother Aurinha do Coco. Over time, she explored new percussive instruments, including the pandeiro. Today, she is one of the main resources for the Brasilian pandeiro, and models the unique way that women, and black people, approach the popular culture of drumming in Pernambuco.

Guga Amorim (percussion) first began seriously approaching percussion in 1997, studying the instruments and rhythms of traditional music from the Northeast of Brazil. In 2000 he joined the group Sonho da Rabeca of Mestre Salustiano, where he performed throughout the country. He played for 10 years in the band A Roda, which performed at several festivals in Brazil, and has recorded two albums. He is the founding member of the band Quarteto Olinda, and performed several national and international tours. Guga is also a pandeiro luthier.


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