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This skilled creative collective could wrap their arms around the globe. Much respect, big hugs.

Photo of Sadie LeDonna and Shawn Kellogg

Sadie LeDonna and Shawn Kellogg

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Sadie LeDonna and Shawn Kellogg have been teaching and performing together for over 7 years. They have organized festivals, summer camps, and workshops together and have created and performed in several independent full-length shows as well as with their own acts for a variety of events.
Sadie and Shawn founded Pop-Up Movement in 2019. Throughout the pandemic, they designed and built their gym in the Port Townsend area. They offer a wide range of circus and movement arts classes to youth and adults. They previously taught and performed at UMO School of Physical Theater on Vashon Island and at The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle.

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