Going Gospel with Valerie Joi Fiddmont

Valerie Joi FiddmontThe Gospel singing track is a perennial favorite at the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival. The choir that forms attracts participants from throughout the workshop, and it also attracts a passionate set of area residents who participate in a Gospel-only track during the week. (Contact our Registrar at 360-385-3102 x114 to sign up – there is still space.)

We're excited to have Valerie Joi Fiddmont as our Gospel leader this year. Valerie's song delivery is as fluid and focused as her life. Valerie hails from the music rich city of Kansas City, where she grew up in a musical family. She conducts three gospel choirs in the Santa Cruz, CA area – the Inner Light Ministries choir, Inner Light’s Singing Circle, and the UCSC Gospel choir – each with 60 to 100 voices.

Our Artistic Director for Blues, Corey Harris, recently spoke about Valerie, and the Fiddmont legacy.

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