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I just got my subscription email from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Here’s an excerpt to their December 23rd online newsletter NYFA Current:

“Over the past year, NYFA Current has been committed to documenting the art-making process and its relation to present-day politics, particularly the economic downturn and issues in our environment. We’ve published three special issues—on New Orleans and art after the storm; a green issue featuring innovative social-art projects; and an issue on unregulated public artworks in rural and urban spaces. In the coming year, NYFA Current subscribers can expect continuing up-to-date coverage on the economy and how artists, foundations, and galleries are being affected. We’re also producing a special issue themed on money, spotlighting the financial crisis and, among other things, what artists can do to protect themselves.” 79cover_sm[1] Timely, interesting, and helpful information well worth the subscription.

I read several great little pieces on New Works by artists all over the country, and particularly enjoyed a sneak peek at the latest edition of New American Paintings – juried exhibitions in print.

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