John Clayton’s Jazz Port Townsend Performance Guide: Saturday Evening, July 26

We asked Artistic Director John Clayton for his thoughts on the artists you’ll be seeing at 2008 Jazz Port Townsend.
divide those comments into one post for each mainstage show.
Today, we feature the artists on the Saturday evening show: Paquito d’Rivera, Alex Brown, Sachal Vasandani, and Matt Wilson. You can purchase tickets for the Saturday evening show online.

Paquito d’Rivera, Alex Brown
"Paquito is a jazz master.  His close association with Dizzy Gillespie opened many doors for him and ears to him.  Pauqito has played in so many settings, wowing audiences with his alto sax and clarinet.  He gives us sounds reminiscent of his Cuban homeland and beyond.  He’s such an amazingly diverse player!  The duo setting with pianist, Alex Brown, will bring a memorable intimacy to our experience."

Sachal Vasandani
"There are too few top drawer male jazz vocalists on the scene.  Sachal Vasandani is a breath of fresh air.  I’ve enjoyed watching him grow, witnessing his fan base expand as more and more of the world experiences his voice, his presentation, his maturity.  Sachal is a wonderful composer and lyricist.  I am on the edge of my seat with excitement and anticipation—I can’t wait to hear his latest work."

Matt Wilson
"Matt Wilson is one of the most creative drummers you’ll ever hear.  He’s the kind of guy that can find a way of turning a stick of celery into something that creates music.  His drumming ranges from being traditionally exciting to mind bendingly musical, witty, sensitive and always fun.  This is one of my favorite groups.  Their compositions and arrangements represent the level of musicianship I always look for while being accessible to all listeners.  Plus, Matt is just plain silly.  I find that such an endearing quality."

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