Poetry Workshops

Wheelertheater Four different poetry workshops will be happening at Centrum in 2009. Registration for all of them has opened; space is filling rapidly.

Carolyn Forché will be in residence at Centrum the weekend of May 7-10. She'll be leading a poetry workshop that is geared specifically toward writing in witness, toward crafting and revising poems that deal with both global and personal upheaval—from transmigration, armed conflict, racial conflict, and environmental degradation to personal experiences of maltreatment and exploitation. How do we write about events that are sometimes too painful to even think about, much less write about? This will be one of the main questions that will guide this workshop. Registration is available here.

Mark Doty, Robert Wrigley, and Adrian Castro will all be in residence during the July 12-19 Port Townsend Writers' Conference.

Mark Doty's workshop is a master class for poets who are currently collecting their poems into a chapbook.

Robert Wrigley's workshop is a generative class designed to help poets find new ways of accessing and thinking about their work. This workshop is already over half full.

Adrian Castro's workshop will focus on the elements of "place" that appear in poems, and how to speak to this idea of place through language(s).

Registration for all workshops is available by following this link.

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