Seattle PI Previews Cistern Concert

R.M. Campbell, music critic for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, has posted a nice preview of tonight's performance of Atlas Eclipticalis in the Dan Harpole Cistern here at Fort Worden.

"Summer often is full of unusual happenings, but it would be hard to rival tonight's performance at Fort Worden State Park of John Cage's "Atlas eclipticalis" at the bottom of the Dan Harpole Cistern by trombonist Stuart Dempster, no stranger to various musical wonders, and assorted colleagues."

He details the impact of composer John Cage, and also profiles Stuart Dempster, one of the musicians at tonight's concert, and perhaps the most prolific of the musicians who have used the Cistern over the years.

The weather looks good for tonight, but please visit our Cistern performance page for information on what to bring to the performance tonight.

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