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2010 TTT.Al McCleese
106To get a glimpse of what a Centrum program is like, take the time to view Al McCleese's photos on our Flickr site.

You will see images of students, teachers and artists all working together to master Combat Resolution, African Dance, Juggling, Taiko, Visual Art and Creative Writing.

The week was deemed "an awesome week of a creative arts workshop" by Blue Heron seventh grade student Francois Ballou in his letter published in the Port Townsend Leader on April 14, 2010.

Reading through the evaluations, one of the high points of the week echoed by students and teachers was learning all new things that they had never tried before. One seventh grader wrote, "I loved being introduced to different cultures and forms of art. In African dance I loved being able to just let go and move. I enjoyed the mechanics in Gizmos, [the visual art class], the excitement and uniqueness of combat, and the challenge of juggling."

Thanks to all who made this week possible for Port Townsend's Blue Heron 7th grade students and their teachers.

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