Why do we do it?


This painting by Darwin Nordin, visual artist faculty for Water World and Explorations: Blue Heron Middle School reflects his observations of the natural world.

As the high hopes of the election are eclipsed by the dire news of our economy, I come to work excited about the possibilities of what I do….in spite of everything "out there." I am passionate about making all kinds of art available to young people. Through years of involvement with this program, I see kids get lit up from the inside out. That's why I'm here at Centrum. And that's why I love to find artists who are equally passionate about what they do, to come to Centrum and work with the next generation of artists.

In our current circumstances, inner resources become even more important. The ability to think and reflect, to make something of nothing, to use your body as a means of expression and to communicate all that is highly valuable. It doesn't cost anything and yet it can sustain and inspire.

Artists are among the most resourceful people I have ever met. They are used to working with a tight budget and yet that doesn't stop them. Passion carries them on to a different kind of reward in the success of creation. When kids see this first hand, and understand that they can achieve success through their own creation, I believe it truly changes their lives. The future opens up in new ways. Education, participation, giving everything you have…these things become even more relevant and important.

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