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May 31: Centrum Presents Nanda’s 10th Anniversary

Centrum launches its 2014 Summer Season at with a special one-night-only event for families in celebration of Centrum’s youth programs and the 10th anniversary of NANDA, Port Townsend’s, Acrobaticalist Ninja Theatre Troupe. Incorporating kung-faux fighting, dance, juggling, and acrobatics NANDA performances are known and loved for their mishmash of classic vaudeville, circus and theater innovations. This


2014 Explorations and Water World Registration Now Open

The autumn months at Centrum find us putting all the pieces together for all the Young Artists programs coming up in 2014. Registration is now open for both Explorations (Grades 7-9) and Water World (Grades 5-6), and sign-ups are coming in! Explorations 2014 features a blend of faculty from last year, some new faces –


Welcome to 2013 “DANCE This” Participants

The DANCE This! Camp at Centrum provides an opportunity for high school students to study a wide range of dance styles and techniques in a supportive, yet challenging atmosphere. Produced in collaboration with Seattle Theatre Group, DANCE This! brings together teen performers, choreographers, guest  artists and teachers to share their culture through the art of dance. The DANCE This! Program started in

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Summer Camp Opportunities for Teens in 2013

Summer is here, and that means many of you are looking for fun and challenging summer camp experiences for your teenager. In 2013, Centrum’s Young Artists Project has two workshops that are specifically focused on students in grades 9-12: The Advanced High School Writers Studio – July 7-14, 2013 DANCE This! – August 4-10, 2013


Tales, Texts, and Theater

In June, students and teachers from Blue Heron Middle School will come to Centrum for a week of immersion in the arts. They work together with professional artists from all over the country in a variety of art disciplines including theater, visual art, music and dance. Their entire school day is spent immersed in the