Youth Program Spotlight: Voices from the Field Arts Academy

Voices from the Field Arts Academy

June 20-June 24, 2023

Voices from the Field Arts Academy provides outstanding arts experiences for middle school in Washington State’s migrant education programs. OSPI believes that their experiences in meaningful arts classes will both inspire them to find their own strengths and creativity and be an avenue through which increased literacy and academic development takes place.

For this program, Centrum collaborates with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education’s (OSPI) and schools from around Washington State. This year’s in-person program will serve 45 students as they dive into Theater, Visual Art, Song Writing, Music, Poetry, and Dance for four days, guided by an outstanding artist faculty and the idea that the arts reveal essential insights and ways of learning that can resonate meaningfully in the lives of young people.

To learn more about the program and this year’s faculty roster, follow this link.

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