Make Your Year-End Gift Today

With your help, Centrum is leaning in to the new normal.

Your generous donation in 2020—the first season of the pandemic—helped us establish much-needed momentum in 2021.

In fact, this year Centrum has brought creativity in community to an unprecedented 95,082 people, online.

Throughout it all, our purpose at Centrum is unchanged: We envision a world where anyone, from anywhere, can nurture their creativity in an environment that is supportive, challenging, and uplifting.


If you feel as we do—that the need to build this world has never been greater—we ask you to join us again by leaning in to the new normal, to help us stay positive and nimble as we create ways to build a better world through the arts.

In a few weeks, Centrum will be announcing its full array of 2022 programs, and 100% of these will feature the return to in-person gatherings at historic Fort Worden State Park.

I invite you now to lean with us into the new normal by making your 2021 donation today.

Your gift will be matched by a generous donor if received by December 31st.

I invite you to…

  • Lean in to support immersive workshops that bring aspiring and master artists together to learn and create, knowing Centrum will continue to offer these workshops for artists the world over
  • Lean in to support artist residencies, knowing Centrum has implemented air quality and cleaning protocols that make it possible for artists of all disciplines to return to Fort Worden to develop innovative work
  • Lean in to support world-class artists, musicians and writers in public performances and podcasts, knowing that every performance is an opportunity to cement someone’s commitment to lifelong learning in the arts, whether as a professional or amateur

Your support of Centrum promotes free artistic expression, creativity in community, and a culturally abundant path toward a world of greater civility and inclusion. For ourselves, for them, and as artists, audiences, donors, participants, students, and volunteers who support Centrum, let’s create the change we want to see in the world.

Your gift will make twice the difference this year!

Thank you for renewing your support.



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