Alison Krauss Sings Aoife O’Donovan

The remarkable Aoife O’Donovan will be teaching and singing at Voice Works in June, and we’ll be fortunate to have her in Port Townsend. She has seriously got it going on, with recent projects including the Crooked Still farewell tour, a lengthy run with the Punch Brothers and with Noam Pikelny, filling in for Amy Helm in Ollabelle, and multiple recording projects including a duo recording with Karan Casey and her first full length solo effort.

She’s a good songwriter, too; here’s a video of Alison Krauss covering Aoife’s Lay My Burden Down.

Aoife says “It’s such a massive honor to hear a singer like Alison Krauss singing that song, which is very personal to me. She is an incredibly kind and generous person, and I hope to get to actually sing WITH her at some point in the future.” Maybe someday at Voice Works?


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