Artists in Place: Stuart Dempster with Tonya Lockyer

A conversation between legendary composer and sound-gatherer Stuart Dempster, and artist Tonya Lockyer, celebrating the Cistern at Fort Worden State Park and its part in Deep Listening and new music development.
Our conversation is about deep listening and creative friendships and lost sounds, the intricacies of harmony and reverberation, how parks should protect their sounds as much as they protect their fauna, and what it’s like to create seminal moments in music. We travel from the streetcars of San Francisco to Carnegie Hall, but it begins right here at Centrum in the sonic depths under Fort Worden, in the Cistern.” – Tonya Lockyer

Hosted by Tonya Lockyer

Produced by Tonya Lockyer and BC Campbell

Engineered and mixed by BC Campbell

Recorded: Summer 2023

Length: 55 minutes

Special thanks to Centrum, Michelle Hagewood, Renko Dempster, Shin Yu Pai. 


Mentioned in the Podcast 

* indicates recorded in the Centrum Cistern

One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Quiet by Gordon Hempton and John Grossmann

Pauline Oliveros Official Website

“7-Up” from The Ready Made Boomerang by Deep Listening Band*

“Lear” from Deep Listening by Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and Panaiotis*

“Trog Arena” from Troglodyte’s Delight by The Deep Listening Band

Courtesy of The Pauline Oliveros Trust and The Ministry of Maåt. Members ASCAP (

“Balloon Payment” from The Ready Made Boomerang by Deep Listening Band*

“Melodic Communion” from Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel by Stuart Dempster*

“In C” by Terry Riley

“Standing Waves” from In The Great Abbey Of Clement VI by Stuart Dempster

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