Atlas Eclipticalis in the Cistern

Mark your calendars now–August 22. 8:30pm.

Those of you who attended the Stuart Dempster cistern concert during
our 2007 Chamber Music Festival remember what a special performance it
was. 45 second reverb. Surround sound on the lawn above the 4 million
gallon underground water tank at Fort Worden’s Artillery Hill.

Atlas Eclipticalis Star ChartWell, we’re upping the ante.

On the date that you have now marked on your calendar,
Matt Kocmieroski, Walter Gray and Seth Krimsky (both of the Seattle
Symphony), along with Stuart Dempster, will perform the landmark
modernist work Atlas Eclipticalis, by John Cage.

Composed via star charts, Atlas Eclipticalis takes
listeners on a journey. Listening to it within the context of the
cistern, while looking at the stars? We feel this will simply be an
incredible experience.

It’s a free concert, and we hope you can join us. Learn more by visiting our performance page.

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