Autumn Residency Space Open

2006Writers_Mullensky (16) While the cabins and apartments of the Centrum Artist Residency Program are popular year-round, autumn  remains one of the finest times to be in Port Townsend. The changing weather, the ripe blackberries and apples everywhere you turn, and the close proximity of the beach and Port Townsend's coffeehouses all combine to provide the nurturing location to complete artistic work.

Space is still available in these high-demand months of September and October. If you are an artist looking to complete a project, or if you're simply seeking a retreat location in order to create or revise your work, the Centrum Artist Residency Program, begun in 1980, is all about providing you with the time, space, and serenity that you need to complete your work.
At Fort Worden State Park you'll find solitude and a tranquil creative environment. You'll find private, fully equipped apartments and cabins overlooking Port Townsend Bay. You'll find a retreat for the soul.
Centrum's Artist Residency program is open to writers, visual artists, composers, choreographers, musicians, and multiple other artistic genres. In addition, recording studio time can be arranged at Fort Blurcello Worden's Synergy Sound Studio. We also provide two artist's studios of differing sizes, based on your project needs. Residencies are awarded on a space-available basis, in week-long blocks. For more information, please follow this link!

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