“Tree People” Go Underground at Centrum

Stephen Cohen Shortly after joining the Centrum staff I received an application for residency from "The Tree People". I immediately wondered what kind of job I had gotten myself into. Then I followed the links to some of the music Stephen Cohen and his group have been making since the 70s (described as Folk – Experimental – Psychedelic) and realized there was huge "fun" potential in being Centrum's Creative Residencies Program manager.

In June Stephen returned to Centrum with Jeff Stier and Rich Hinrichsen. During their residency they did some recording in the Dan Harpole Cistern, and capped off their time in Port Townsend with a lively performance at favorite local hangout The Upstage.

Stephen recounts some of the hightlights of his 2010 residency on his blog… to read about their Cistern It's My Story experience and what the group has planned for the recording check out the Tree People Chronicles. You can listen to the first five minutes of the Cistern Symphony… it's #10 on their myspace page.

Here is the working cover for their new "It's My Story" album. 
Photo by Chris Leck


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