Centrum Announces Stagecraft Internship with Peninsula College

Centrum is pleased to announce a new partnership with Peninsula College that will allow qualifying members of the 2018 technical crew to earn up to ten college credits for their stagecraft internship at Centrum.

(pictured above: from left, front: Kendall Mahoney, Gemma Jury, Kelly Doran, Courtney Rainer. from left, back: Lilly Oellerich, Lauren Gallup, Tavin Dotson. Not pictured: Cecelia Nielsen, Elijah Harding, Bud Walters, Paul Larned, Mike Stonecipher, Trish Africa).

Centrum’s Director of Operations Lisa Werner notes:

“The Centrum Production Team, led by our new Technical Director Kelly Doran (above, center), took a big step forward in 2017, and was the highlight of my year. While two ‘veterans’ were critical to the overall success of this crew, the new team was the best mix of talent, enthusiasm, passion, flexibility, and smarts.

“I’ve long felt Centrum’s mission to change lives through the arts should include young people hoping to work in stage and live-event production. There is always a demand for qualified production crew, a job that offers good wages and steady work for those with the commitment and stamina to stick with it. For every star on the stage there are dozens of people working tirelessly to make it all happen.

“Centrum has everything needed to give these aspiring arts professionals a strong start in their career of choice. The 2017 season was a glimpse of the possibilities.”

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