Chris Korrow Completes ‘Dancing with Thoreau’ Documentary

Former Centrum artist-in-residence, Chris Korrow, has completed his new documentary, Dancing with Thoreau, is a feature film that inspires a connection with nature. Journey with the filmmaker as he explores the benefits of a connection with nature, and how and why we, as a Western society, can and should reconnect with our environment. The film has been accepted to five film festivals and screenings are taking place around the country, sparking conversations about how a nature connection can benefit us as we move through our busy lives.

How does a connection with our natural environment strengthen our spiritual, physical, creative, economic, and intellectual pursuits? How can the cultivation of a spiritual outlook and practice support a healthy and balanced natural environment?

Dancing with Thoreau weaves Chris’s film footage and photography from dynamic natural environments across the country together with commentary from leading edge teachers, naturalists, farmers, scientists, spiritual leaders, and representatives of major religions as he explores these questions.

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