Chris Korrow – Naturalist/Filmmaker in Residence

Clip_image002 Chris Korrow is an award-winning filmmaker, naturalist, master organic farmer, artist and educator who has been teaching about gardening/farming, the environment, nature, biodiversity and most importantly, the place of humanity within these subjects for the last 22 years. He has a vast knowledge of our environment, from wild edible/medicinal plants to soil chemistry.
Korrow's new film Dancing With Thoreau is a unique environmental film told from the perspective of a naturalist and organic farmer, focusing on our individual and societal connection/disconnection with nature; what that means to us physically, emotionally and spiritually; and how we as individuals can deepen that connection through inspiration and practice, and reap its many benefits. A primary goal of the film is to inspire people to become more personally engaged in the wonders of their local environments.

Chris is going to have a very busy two weeks, and is excited by not just the space and time to work, but by the Olympic Peninsula location. "Living in a small house with two home schooled daughters makes it difficult to work on recording the music and narration for the film, so part of my time at Centrum will be focused on this. I will also be filming in the area, will schedule interviews, write additional narration, and do some editing. I am particularly inspired by the Pacific Northwest, and I know that the time away from family would serve my creativity and allow me to completely immerse myself in this project". And if he can fit it into his April residency, he'll do some writing for a book about "greening the family economy" as a means of economic stability. To see more of Chris' work, check out his link Breathe Deep Productions.

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