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Congratulations to Centrum Resident and GAP Award Recipient  Karen Rudd . Her  3D Arts entry "Last Stand" placed first in its category at the Collective Visions Art Gallery's annual juried exhibit. If you made it to Karen's open studio here at Centrum in June of 2008, you got to see her work on this series. Here's what Marie Weichman of Olympic College had to say about Karen's work in the CVG Newsletter:

"On February 1st Collective Visions Art Gallery opens its annual juried art exhibit, THE CVG SHOW '09 to the public.  This year the show is stock full of a wide range of artworks representing everything from humor to the dark side of life.  Process dominates several pieces while content is the driving factor for other works.  It is easy to see the world through the artist's eye in this show and those views are vastly different from one another…   

Clip_image001 there is one piece that makes getting out of the house worth every bit of effort.  "Last Stand," by Karen Rudd is not only the smartest piece of art in the show, but also, socio-politically speaking, one of the most  currently relevant works in the show.  At a distance this piece looks like nothing more than a tree trunk, but upon closer inspection it is made of, (I pause here to consider not telling you, thereby saving the surprise, but…), scrap pieces of recycled cardboard and glue.  Nothing more."

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