Gems from the Centrum Archives

The portfolio of broadsides was produced by the following at Centrum 1983 under the direction of Tree Swenson at Copper Canyon Press.

This collection was one of the last hand bound portfolios made by Copper Canyon Press. Shortly after, the press suspended the publication of the handbound, letterpressed limited editions in order to concentrate fully on producing and marketing trade books that would maintain the highest possible standards of typography and design

The poets featured in this forty-year-old collection are 

-William Bright

-GayeAnn Buse

-Steven Chandler

-Hope Fletcher

-Donnnell Hunter

-Anne McCracken

-Kelly Moon

-Don Muller

-Diane di Prima

-Howard Nemerov

The photos below can’t quite capture the texture and diversity of paper choice. Each poem is printed on a different kind of paper chosen specially for the poem that would be printed upon it. 

More information about Copper Canyon Press can be found here, as well as more on the Centrum’s Writers Conference. 


1983 Portfolio Cover
Diane Di Prima
Seven Love Poems from the Middle Latin, translated by Diane di Prima
The Lure Donnell Hunter
The Lure- Donnell Hunter
The Lure Donnell Hunter
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