Episode 22: Allie Hankins and Hexe Fey

We are thrilled to be back this year for another year of conversations with artists, writers, and creatives in residence at Centrum’s Artist Residency Program.

This year, we bring you a series of five conversations held in October 2022 among our cohort of Emerging Artists and Writers who took a moment out of their residencies to pair up and talk process and share experiences related to their various practices.

Allie Hankins and Hexe Fey compare notes on how they manage expectations for their work, follow curiosities, and conquer insecurities within their processes.

Allie Hankins

Allie Hankins is a dancer, performer, and maker who recently performed in a dream wherein she announced “Today I am Truit” before jumping into a pool. The next day in waking life she learned that ‘truit’ is a word used by the lucid dreaming community to mean ‘trout’. In waking life, Allie is a resident artist and steward of FLOCK Dance Center, a creative home to Portland’s experimental dance artists founded in 2014 by Tahni Holt, and in 2013 she co-founded Physical Education, a critical and casual queer cooperative comprised of herself, keyon gaskin, Taka Yamamoto, and Lu Yim. Physical Education hosts open reading groups and lectures, curates performances, and teaches workshops nationally. Most recently she has performed with Linda Austin (PDX), Milka Djordjevich (LA), and Morgan Thorson (Minneapolis). When she’s not working on performances, she is doing step aerobics and learning American Sign Language. Her website is alliehankins.com.

Hexe Fey

An interdisciplinary indigenous transgender digital storyteller, movement and contemporary dance student, and community harm reduction worker; Hexe Fey uses interactive fiction and nonlinear narrative along with glitch art to communicate vignettes of queer experience, migration, human, nonhuman and technology relations, and ancestral teachings. Hexe is the author of ‘Cursed Task’, an interactive fiction game about the struggle of writing artist bios.

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