Erin Belieu’s Slant Six Featured in NY Times

Erin Belieu, Centrum’s Artistic Director for the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, was recently featured in the New York Times for her new poetry collection Slant Six.

Erin’s fourth collection, Slant Six, is an inundation of the humor and horror in contemporary American life—from the last saltine cracked in the sleeve, to the kitty-cat calendar in an office cubicle. With its prophecies of impending destruction, and a simultaneous flood of respect for Americans, Erin Belieu’s poems close like Ziploc bags around a human heart.

Dwight Garner, book critic for the New York Times, says of Belieu:

Serious readers of American poetry will not find Ms. Belieu to be a writer who pushes at the form’s margins, who takes you to places you have not altogether been. Her gifts — for clarity, consolidation, humor and moments of hard-earned feeling — are old-fashioned ones. She’s a comedian of the human spirit, in league with poets from Frank O’Hara through Deborah Garrison and Tony Hoagland.

Slant Six is published by Copper Canyon Press.


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