Exploring Tradition on the Back Porch

Jerron PaxtonEvery musician creates their own voice. But that voice arises out of the cultures, geographies, and musicians that surround it.

When Corey Harris was conceiving this April's Traditional Back Porch Blues Summit, he wanted to come at the Blues from three different angles, giving participants exposure to different voices and traditions of Blues music.

We'll be exploring these three approaches on the porch, thanks to the talents of three unique voices.

  • Terry Bean brings a pure and contemporary Mississippi blues, distilled from his specific upbringing.
  • Jerron Paxton combines the Texas sound with New Orleans stylings, dirty rags, and Piedmont picking.
  • Hook Herrera carries his Mexican, Native American, and old California heritage into and through his music.

…and that's just where they start.

Participants will get to explore this and much more during this April Intensive. To learn more and register, visit the Back Porch Blues Summit page, and stay tuned, as we'll explore each of these angles over the next couple of weeks.

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