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Linzay is a versatile fiddler, soulful singer and a talented songwriter. A founding member of the notorious Red Stick Ramblers of Louisiana, he is a true link in the chain of Cajun Music and Culture whether he’s wielding a fiddle bow, playing his accordion or cooking in a blackpot. A founding member of the Sticks, a Cajun Music and Western Swing band, they made three records for Sugar Hill and appeared in “No Reservations,” with chef Anthony Bourdain, in a show entitled “Cajun Country.”

Linzay and Joel Savoy made a record together about 15 years ago, just the two of them. They have been playing the fiddle together for years, whether in bands, at impromptu concerts, or at home around the kitchen table. In fact, they like to call it “Kitchen Music,” because it’s just the music they like to play when they get together at the table, plain and simple. Often, Cajun music fans find themselves skipping ahead to the twin fiddles track on their favorite album. This is not because it’s the only track they love, but because there is something special about the harmonic fiddles that resonates, literally, somewhere deep within. It presents a sound that is unique to Cajun music, and Cajuns feel that in their blood, creating a sound track for their identity.

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