Family Influences: Chef Profile, Adam Stevenson

Adam_photoAdam Stevenson’s journey to become an executive chef began as a young boy, spending much of his time in the kitchen.

Influenced by his grandmother and mother, Adam would stick his finger into a batter, sample a soup or sneak bites of the roasted meats that were cooking. Often, Adam took part in the preparation of the day’s meal. At dinnertime, he had no problem clearing his plate; even his brother and sister would ask him to finish their meal so that they could go off and play.  Adam was happy to take care of the extras; he loves to eat!

The desire to be around food stayed with Adam throughout high school. He found himself cooking in local restaurants in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. After high school, Adam moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the Western Culinary Institute where he began to understand food and its possibilities. It was not until Adam went to work at Tulio Ristorante in Seattle, Washington, that his skills really began to bloom. Starting as a prep cook for Chef Walter Pisano, Adam worked his way through all stations, learning the proper way to handle food, compose dishes and develop his own understanding of cooking.  Adam achieved the title of executive sous chef.

As executive chef for Earth & Ocean, W Seattle, Adam has developed his own style influenced by the favorite dishes that he lived with for so many years and an affinity for the foods and cultures he loves. Adam’s cuisine reflects the eastern European influences from his family’s heritage, as well as Italian cooking of which he is so fond. He also enjoys incorporating the bright flavors, spices and comforts of India and the Middle East.

At Earth & Ocean, Adam focuses on producing many foods in house. From soups and sauces to the break- down of whole animals, to his house-made salami and cured meat’s program, Adam has been able to maintain a level of quality that he oversees on a daily basis. His commitment to artisan, organic, and natural products and sustainable cooking practices are reflected in all of his recipes and menus.

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