Public Transportation

Monday through Friday, you can take advantage of two great commuter services to get to/from Port Townsend from Seattle:

  • From Downtown Seattle, you can take the Kitsap Fast Ferry to Kingston, and from Kingston there is a once-daily express bus to Port Townsend, the #14 Kingston Express. Please check schedules carefully, the hours are very limited. Visit JEFFERSON TRANSIT for more information on these options.
  • In addition to the above express routes, you can transfer via the regular bus systems to/from Bainbridge Island or Kingston Ferry Terminals. Consult JEFFERSON TRANSIT and KITSAP TRANSIT for options on these.
  • To travel by bus to Fort Worden from Four Corners or Haines Place drop off points, consult the busline for #2, THE FORT WORDEN LOOP

This is a great option if you can time it with your arrival at SeaTac. $42 one way. Book tickets in advance.

Rocket can arrange door-to-door pickup/drop off to SeaTac from the peninsula. By advance reservation only. Rates start at $75 for a one-way trip from SeaTac to Port Townsend.